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KB - What a wonderful healing session I had with JoyRae Freeman. Her calm, soothing words immediately put me at ease, and within a matter of seconds, I felt a gentle release of tears, a loosening of tension around my heart, and a strong release from negativity. My mind relaxed and I was left with a warm feeling inside.

I am still amazed by the level of calm I felt and how quickly I experienced it after such a brief phone session.

The warm buzzing sensation lasted throughout the entire session and by the end, I felt completely serene. I was left with a beautiful warm energy that lasted almost a good hour after the session, and my heart felt as though it was surrounded by a great big hug. It was a beautiful experience overall and I highly recommend it anyone. 12/16/2014  (distance session)


EW - I feel very relaxed. Almost substitutionalized with good things. Like, taking matter out and filling it with concrete goodness.

It's an amazing feeling. Like getting your hair cut and the stylist doesn't talk to you. That goodness. I did feel something. I had sensation in the forefront, and up and down my spine, my neck, and chest.  My ears still tingle.  (12/29/2014 distance session)

Emily W - While I was parked, another vehicle hit mine and I suffered a very painful whiplash. My neck hurt and felt weak, like my head was too heavy. After a short energy healing session with JoyRae - my neck felt stronger and I felt light all over.  The next day, my neck was phenomenal!