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Scheduling Energy & Empowerment

Divine Light Healing Energy Schedule and Event Options

    Schedule an in-office appointment
    Attend a holistic event where JoyRae is offering healing
    Schedule a distance healing session

Schedule An Appointment

Host A Healing Party

Invite your friends for a "spa" party - including massage and healing treatments.  You can add facials, makeup, etc if you want - or we can just focus on the wellness aspect.

Schedule A Distance Session

We will set it up at a time when you can relax and be uninterrupted.  At the beginning, by phone, I will guide you into a deep meditation. 

During the remainder of the session - you will receive a focused energy treatment. Ideally - you will drift off to sleep and the session is scheduled just prior to bedtime.  

Become An Energy Healer

Attend and/or host a

Reikigong (TM) workshop.


Simple & Affordable

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You Will LOVE Being Part

Of Creating SO Many


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