Divine Light - Master Healer Energy

BEYOND REIKI - Multi-Dimensional Hi Frequency

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Healing For All Dimensions - Multiple Modalities

Many clients experience a powerful shift with the Divine Light energy healing session. Depending on the duration of their dis-ease, imbalance, dis-empowerment - in other cases, the healing process requires a bit of time and a series of sessions and strategies.

The client can and will be restored and healed - WHEN they are truly ready.  The energy healing is very powerful; but the client may be creating the condition for 'secondary benefits' purposes and unfortunately, many people are not willing to give up damaging lifestyle practices, including food cravings and a destructive diet pattern.



Hypnotherapy and NLP work with the  subconscious for releasing negative patterns, blockages and imbalances in current lifetime, past lives and the soul journey.

Clients experience profound positive results for spirit mind and body.


Self Awareness is one the most powerful components of self empowerment.

Clients gain understanding of their core essence - which then positively impacts  relationships, career and fulfillment in the life journey


What you think and what you eat - creates your biochemistry, which    determines the level at which the cells regenerate.

Optimum health is only possible with clear flow of blood/oxygen circulating throughout your physical body.