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About JoyRae

JoyRae is a "Dvine Light Conduit" -  whose healing gift was delivered direct from Source in 1996, during a group "Angelic Connection" meditation.

During the healing treatments, the "light" - electromagnetic healing energy is transferred to the client through the entire body of JoyRae, although  for purposes of focusing the healing energy, the hands are the primary delivery point.

This is not her energy; however, she has become a clear channel of healing light energy.

See Testimonials and Media pages for examples of how the healing energy has been utilized for a wide range of client health and wellbeing issues.

JoyRae is honored to be a conduit and is dedicated to assisting those who are ready - break through to wellness.

As part of empowering others through natural healing modalities - JoyRae also offers Reikigong (blend of Reiki and QiGong) workshops, for teaching healing techniques to others.   REIKIGONG

In 1987, while living in the Los Angeles area, I was called to assist with the writing of a book. The assignment came from five “guides” and the book was channeled through a dear friend of mine, who has been clairvoyant and claire-audient all of her life. The book “Project Earth"is a metaphysical primer, a beginner’s introduction to an unlimited and loving universe. The project came with specific instructions to “spread the word” of love, wholeness and unlimited oneness to those who are ready to step away from the control and fear-based systems that currently both trap and fail them. This is also when I received the name “Joy” to which I added the Rae (light) and Freeman (liberated person) which has become my spiritual name.

*While in Kalispell,  MT – in the fall of 1996, I experienced an infusion of electro magnetic healing light energy during a powerful group meditation. Initially, I believed that the electric energy I began experiencing was simply an enhancement to my regular meditations. That is, until December 1997 - when a spontaneous energy healing delivered through my energy field was done for another patron while dining in a Spokane restaurant. It was then I knew I had been gifted with healing light energy . With the exception of the QiGong training, my certifications have come after the activation of the healing energy; the techniques gained from this subsequent training aid in the healing process and are uniquely combined for each client; but the core of the healing work is achieved through the original natural energy gift.

 In my earlier years, I had no idea that I would become a healer. I love this part of my life and the healing has become a core component of my higher purpose work and projects. However, I believe that we all have some 'gifts' and that the gifts will show up when we are ready.

Some are shown their gifts at an early age, some never discover their unique talents while they are living.  I encourage each of you to be open to possibilities - or, if you a